Naan Than Bala

Naan Than Bala made in தமிழ் movie produced in the year 2014 and released on 2014-06-13. Naan Than Bala directed by Kannan. The main cast by Vivek, Mayilsamy, Cell Murugan, Swetha, Dhruva, Lavanya.

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Naan Than Bala Budget and ratings

Country: IN

Original Title: Naan Than Bala

TMDB Id: 275296

TMDB Rating: 3.5

Budget: $0

Revenue: $0

Year: 2014

Release Date: 2014-06-13

Runtime: 133

Language: தமிழ்

Country: IN

Vivek, Mayilsamy, Cell Murugan.



Writers: Kannan,

Story and tagline of Naan Than Bala

Tag Line:

Plot: Bala, a temple priest, is helped by Poochi, a hired killer, at a needy moment and the two become friends. But when the former learns of his friend's criminal ways, he decides to help him turn over a new leaf. But Poochi's boss will not let him go that easily.

Geners: Drama

Cast of Naan Than Bala

Vivek - Bala

Mayilsamy -

Cell Murugan -

Swetha -

Dhruva -

Lavanya -

Venkatraj J - Poochi

Thennavan -

Sujatha Sivakumar -

Super Subbarayan -