Wolf Creek 3

Wolf Creek 3 made in English movie produced in the year 2022 and released on 2022-09-08. Wolf Creek 3 directed by Greg McLean. The main cast by John Jarratt, Ken Dodd, Bradley Friend, Dillon List, Hutch Dano, Willa Fitzgerald.

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Wolf Creek 3 Budget and ratings

Country: AU

Original Title: Wolf Creek 3

TMDB Id: 347196

TMDB Rating: 0.0

Budget: $30

Revenue: $0

Year: 2022

Release Date: 2022-09-08

Runtime: 105

Language: English

Country: AU

John Jarratt, Ken Dodd, Bradley Friend.


Greg McLean

Story and tagline of Wolf Creek 3

Tag Line:

Plot: Mick Taylor, the infamous killer, is once again hunting for tourists. This time the whole thing is a little more difficult because he himself is the victim of an assassination attempt and in the last part is chased by a young camper named Mason Enqvist who lost his brother a few months ago. His bigger brother Rutger Enqvist was murdered by Mick Taylor on an outing with his girlfriend, so he decided to take revenge.

Geners: Horror, Thriller

Cast of Wolf Creek 3

John Jarratt - Mick Taylor

Ken Dodd - Jacko

Bradley Friend - Officer 2

Dillon List - Officer 1

Hutch Dano - Brian

Willa Fitzgerald - Kassedy

Gökdeniz A. Özcetin - Mason Enqvist